Sharpen Your Skills

With Hone

Train Virtually With Medically Accurate Patients

Our Vision:

To empower learners to improve cognitive performance in high risk & high-stress environments by using the most current concepts in psychology combined with the most current technology to teach Situational Awareness.

Our Mission:

Utilizing innovative technology, we create & deliver highly immersive learning experiences that improve non-technical skills & cognitive performance. We teach practitioners to manage the effects of their operating environment to make decisions and perform at peak levels effectively.

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Benefits of Training on the Recognize Platform

Accurate Simulations

Simulate immersive, medically accurate patients and situations.

Flexible and Accessible Training

Ability to train on augmented reality smartphone or tablet enabled devices.

Track Progress

Pinpoint areas of weakness and monitor improvements in real time.

Real-Life Environment

Allow learners to build a mental diagnostic cue “pattern recognition database”.

Deliberate Practice

Clearly defined, specific goal to improve an aspect of a larger skill.

Improve Performance

Decrease mental workload during the initial stages of patient contact. 

"An Absolute Game Changer ... "

"The folly of current HiFi simulation methods lies in their reliance on expensive and robotic mannequins, or on trained actors who (despite their commitment to character) can never recreate the true subtleties observed in a hemodynamically compromised patient. The burden falls on the imagination of the student, whom is often ill-equipped to envision the many traits of patients they've only ever read about in textbooks.

What Hone has created here isn't just a game changer - they're absolutely blowing the competition out of the water. Not only does it completely eliminate the need for the ridiculously expensive training dolls or Emmy award-winning actors, but it also easily makes high fidelity training accessible to all healthcare providers, whether they're at home, at school, or in the workplace. The capabilities of this program appear to be limitless, and I'm excited to be see it become incorporated into curriculums across all fields in emergency medicine."

Jameson M.

Advanced Care Paramedic

"Hone put a real patient in my pocket"

I’m studying nursing. The Recognize app has incredible potential for learning how to assess sick patients before having to do it in real life. Before I was shown the Recognize prototype, I didn’t understand what was possible with Augmented Reality.

Having seen and used the prototype, I am incredibly excited about a whole new style of learning how to get better at assessing patients. That’s really what Hone has done here, they’ve taken this kind of under-discussed knowledge of how people get good at just, STUFF, and made it something you can hold in your hand.

Sheena M.

Licensed Practical Nurse Student

We are passionate about improving the way First Responders, Healthcare and Military personnel train and prepare to save lives